Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Indian Movies has become more narrowly focusing mainly on poverty, by saying that one movie which was collaberated by UK film makers along with indian actors, suddenly strikes our mind is Slumdog millionaire. A story about a teen who grew up in slums of indian City called Mumbai. He participates in a reality show called who wants to be a millionaire?, as who will hesitate to skip a chance of becoming a millionaire when get an opportunity.

The teen starts his travel smoothly on the reality show, by firing the write choices. He gets suspected by everyone from the production team to the Cops and he gets arrested under the doubt of cheating, Investigation progresses, which actually travels him back to past of his real life experiences that he has travelled. which literally provides the clear solutions and answers in everyone mind, how he choosed the write choices.


  1. Hope that are more slumdogs become millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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