Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul the octopus-world cup finalist predicter

Spain's victory over Germany in the World Cup last night was accurately predicted by the English born Paul the octopus.He also had predicted Germany's victory against against England and Argentina, and even Serbia's defeat of Germany in the group stage.
Paul's handlers at Aquarium Sea Life in the western city of Oberhausen have turned him into a betting phenomenon by putting mussels into two glass boxes, with one box having Germany's flag while the other has the flag of their opponents which was Spain. Paul is then left to make his decision.

On Tuesday night, he first moved towards the container bearing the Spanish flag before moving around the tank and hovering over the German flag. But the two-year-old,paul eventually reverted to his first option.

Paul has made mistakes in his predictions, although not often. His most famous mistake was when he wrongly picked Germany over Spain in the 2008 European Championship.