Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Give Her an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift

A lot of men dread Valentine’s Day. Not only is the special lady in their life expecting Valentine’s Day to be romantic and unforgettable, she expect the same every year. How does a man keep from running out of ideas. Here is how to actually enjoy Valentine’s Day and get her the gift she won’t forget.

First and foremost, consider her personality. I mean really think about the traits that make her unique. Is she a humanitarian, an animal lover, a fashionista etc? Is she a great cook, an aspiring writer, loves the outdoors? Then buy her a gift that matches her personality.

Consider her lifestyle. Does she work 50 + hours a week? If so she could probably use a relaxing day at the spa, or just a facial if you’re a little strapped for cash. Does her home need cleaning or repairs? Do some repairs for her and if you’re not dying to clean her apartment hire a cleaning service to do it for you.

Imagine her surprise when she gets home and the place is sparkling clean, or the faucet is no longer running and you’re ready to take her out for an intimate candle light dinner. Or better yet, cook for her.Consider her needs . Perhaps she needs a new coffee machine, or some other appliance but has not had the money to buy a replacement. If you can afford it consider getting it for her.

Call her friends and find out if she’s told them about any gifts she’s like to receive. Ask whether or not she’s voiced wanting to buy something for herself lately. They might even know about something she really wanted to buy but didn’t for one reason or another. If they can’t tell you anything specific, buy her a gift card for her favorite store.

Be romantic. It’s Valentine’s Day. Whatever you get her, don’t forget to include the card. Or if you want to make her really happy, (happy enough to give you a surprise in bed) write her a love letter. Finally, do not forget to buy chocolates.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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